Introduction to Hero with a 1000 Faces

Dave Hoch – round-the-world cyclist

Mike Richard – becoming a therapist

Alex Linley – therapist no. 2

Alex Harvey – Australian hip-hop artist

Episode 5: Alex Harvey

Listen to this Australian hip-hop artist on following his passions and using them to navigate the hardships life throws at him:

“when I get the blues n’ Tough aches I choose to cruise escape
Through the smooth beautiful music I make. Move through and it take
Me straight to great secluded states”

Find Alex at:



Episode 4: Alex Linley

“It’s okay to do therapy”. Alex has travelled the world, taught in many different countries and then returned to the homeland to become a therapist. Find out about his journey.

Find Alex at: https://www.itsoktodotherapy.com/

Episode 3: Mike Richard

Talk about it mate. In this episode, Mike talks about his counselling group and the slow and dedicated path out of a nervous breakdown. The episode explores issues such as helping others to help yourself and psychological adversity.

Find Mike at: https://www.talkaboutitmate.co.uk/

Episode 2: Dave Hoch

Getting off the treadmill. In this episode, I interview Dave Hoch, a former Big Tech employee who decided to change his life up, cycle around Latin America and Europe and set up his own business.

Find it at: https://bigcupofcoffee.com/

Episode 1: Joseph Campbell

An introduction to Joseph’s Campbell’s idea of the monomyth or the Hero’s Journey. In this brief episode I outline how your own life, with all it’s opportunities and adversity, reflects this monomyth. We can learn a lot about our lives through metaphors like these. Click here for the accompanying diagram.

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